August 24, 2013
Little Ray's

We went to Little Ray's Reptile Zoo with Dianne, David, Aidan and Caitlin. Daddy had to stay home to work.


I knew they had amphibians too, but I didn't know about the birds or mammals (time for a new name?). Apparently 80% of their collection consists of rescues. I still find it amazing that folks think an alligator is going to make a good pet!


Loved the snake named Jay (name written on his scales) - so pretty. Elizabeth refused to touch the spider but now wants one for a pet, provided she can have a smaller one. I told her they are too messy...


Afterwards, David and Dianne treated us to McDonald's. Elizabeth has a love/hate relationship with the tunnels in the play place. She clearly wanted to follow Aidan and Caitlin who were climbing all over but any time I talked her around a bend in the tunnel she panicked and let out great screeches. The echo made everything seem even more frightening but with a lot of coaxing (try touching the green tunnel segment.. now the blue), a lot of promising not to move one single step AND company in the form of Dianne she finally went in one entrance and out another. I should have taken a picture of the sign that read: "this structure accepts a maximum of children" (they didn't fill out the number)!


In the evening Uncle Murray, Aunt Judy and cousin Lauren came to visit us. Lauren was on her way up North to Pangnirtung to visit Auntie Mary and looking forward to her first flights! Elizabeth wished they could stay longer but was mollified with a strategic kinder-egg.

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