September 3, 2013
Six month checkup

Matthew is apparently still a baby.  At least that's what the pediatrician (Dr Lynn Jacoby) says.  We're never quite sure what to think these days but she did seem pretty sure about it. She's amazing so we'll have to take her word for it.  She also said that he looks exactly like his big sister (we can agree with that I guess), that he is still tall (75th percentile) and a little below 50th for weight.  After cooing over him for a bit she proceeded to try and check up on his various bits and pieces.  She tried to pin him down for his hip check and found that she was pretty much unable to do so.  She ended up resorting to checking each side one at a time.  Apparently he is a STRONG baby.  That would explain why changing his diaper is getting to be a real challenge.  He tends to want to roll over and crawl away.  Given his speed and strength he often manages...  After the checkup Daddy did his best to hold mister wiggle monster still while he got his shots.  For some reason this job always falls on Daddy.  Matthew screamed as was expected but after a quick nurse he was fine just like last time and returned to his usual sunny disposition for the rest of the day.

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