September 5, 2013
Four and A HALF

Elizabeth is so very proud of reaching halfway between four and five. Anytime someone asks how old she is, she now adds the half.


She also prefaces every other sentence with "Just so you know..." At least those sentences in English! (Boy has her French improved in the last two weeks. Rather frightening!) She talks non-stop. And bounces.


Her reading is improving as well. She's still sounding out everything she sees ("Mommy, what does wuh wuh wuh mean?") and we're into two consonant blends now. That's interesting because she's starting to correct some of her lisps. "swit" is what she hears. But now that she sees "SP-it" on the page she is realizing that she's not quite got it right. Depending on her mood these tongue twisters lead to tears and dramatic announcements that "talking is too twicky for me!" or helpless giggles. Never sure which it is going to be. 


She can also ride her pedal bike without trouble now, starting by herself and stopping too.

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