September 23, 2013
Apple bowling

Writing this post on September 30th, these pictures seem very old now because Matthew is mostly horizontal. Hard to believe how fast he's morphing from baby to "toppler" (as Brendan likes to put it)


Matthew loves his food, especially apples. He pretty much perfected his "pull to stand" so that he could get into the box of apples we brought home from the orchard. One moment he was happily playing with age appropriate toys and the next he was hovering over the apple bin, gleefully flinging apples all over the kitchen while sucking on the plastic bags. Next thing I knew he was rolling the apples across the floor - seemed harmless enough until he took a great big bite out of one. Apparently you only need two teeth to eat an apple - who knew?


For a while I could resort to opening the fridge as a much needed distraction, but then he discovered how to open the drawers and get into the condiments stored in the door. So that was that!


In other news, he can now climb up a single stair. We're still working on going back down safely...

On October 1, 2013 at 04:58 pm
Grandma H. said:
Definitely looks like trouble! Apples make a great sound when they roll around.I just love his look of sheer delight, such glee.

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