October 13, 2013
Star Wars:Identities

Auntie Janice gave me tickets to the Star Wars exhibit for my birthday and I finally managed to get organized enough to go!


Janice played with the kids at the museum while Brendan and I went on a date! (I know!) The exhibit was really interesting - I thought the concept sounded a bit gimmicky but the artifacts were cool and I actually quite enjoyed the use of technology. You wore headphones that automatically played sound as you moved into the relevant part of the exhibit. Every section of the exhibit asked you different parts of what was essentially a personality quiz and you made your choices by scanning your armband.


I was rather surprised to learn that Yoda (Frank Oz) is also Miss Piggy and the Cookie Monster. Really?!?


And of course I'm a sucker for personality quizzes, even if the result was rather teen magazine.


PS Mom & Dad - I'm leaving home at a young age to follow my dreams - what do you say?

A. Oh no you're not. Now go finish your chores.

B. That's a nice idea, Maybe when you're older.

C. Sure, Whatever. Whatever you want.

D. Good for you! We've packed you a lunch.


Brendan was fascinated by all the artwork showing the progression of characters. Chewbacca started out as a dog, apparently.

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