October 5, 2013
Big Bed

Elizabeth finally got her bed with a slide. She loves it so much that sometimes she'd rather "play in bed" rather than take the school bus.


The first couple of days she insisted on showing me how she could stretch way out and lo and behold her feet didn't fall off the end! I guess it was past time for a larger mattress. This means that she's on a different floor from Mommy and Daddy. I was more anxious about that than her taking the school bus all by herself as I was concerned about half asleep adults needing to stumble down stairs to help her in the middle of the night. But even though she immediately tested this by coming down with a rotten cold, it seems to be working out okay so far.


Elizabeth is pretty good at enforcing our "bunk bed rules". I told her we'd take away her ladder if we catch her or anyone else breaking them.


1) No jumping on the bed.

2) Up the ladder, down the slide. Down the ladder is okay. Up the slide is not.

3) Stay safe.


We seem to have a knack for choosing fast slides. Elizabeth is just now comfortable on the big slide in the garden - it's got a bump that tends to catapult the unsuspecting into the air. The bed slide may or may not have nearly slammed more than one overenthusiastic kid into the wall. We've added some padding but recommend that small kids be supervised.


For those wondering, it's a maxtrix bed ordered via Simply Wood here in Ottawa. We recommend them both highly!

On October 24, 2013 at 04:35 am
Grandpa H said:
I wish I were small enough for a bed slide... ;)

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