June 27, 2009
Family Retreat (Part II)

The retreat centre prides itself on being "environmentally friendly", so I decided that it would be too ironic to switch from cloth to disposable diapers while travelling.  I regretted this when we got to the retreat centre and discovered that the washer and dryer were coin-operated.  Each took a loonie; a challenge since I haven't carried cash for years...  More serious was the discovery that the dryer was completely ineffective.  I hung them up to dry, but they were still sopping the next morning.  We'd packed four backup disposables, but these were gone in an alarmingly short period of time.  Luckily it was warm and windy, so we improvised a clothes line (the owner had taken the one that was previously outside down for some reason) and told Elizabeth that she was to stop filling diapers until after the sun had done its work!


Uncle Dave is shown here after learning that the strange pieces of fabric hung out to dry were diapers.  He counted 19 and was heard anxiously enquiring as to the time period this represented :)


BTW - Elizabeth's record is 30 diapers in 14 hours.

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