November 14, 2013

I was so happy that our previous caterpillar finally turned into a moth that I let Elizabeth talk me into another one, despite my skepticism as to their suitability as pets.


We found it in a corncob at the end of corn season. The caterpillar had friends, but they were shy and met traumatic ends. Or should I say pieces? Except for the one that I cooked by accident. So I felt somewhat responsible for the remaining grub.


Elizabeth promptly dubbed it "Emma". She names most things Emma right now. We are not sure why.


We learned with the first caterpillar that it is essential to feed the caterpillar the "right" food. I may have  actually purchased expensive, non local and out of season corn in a quest to keep the thing alive.


Emma pupated on 2013-11-02. We totally got to watch. It was the coolest thing ever.

She hatched about a week later. I noticed she'd become a corn moth on the 10th. It warmed up enough to let her go on November the 14th. Elizabeth wanted to keep her *aaallll* winter. Or forever. Whichever is longer. So I think we promised to let her get another caterpillar in the spring. This time she wants a butterfly...

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