October 30, 2013
French Class

Matthew and I have been taking Xander to the French playgroup that I used to take Elizabeth to at Marius Barbeau.


The first week was hilarious because I had never before met "shy Xander". He stared straight down at his feet and seemed quite put out that all of a sudden everyone was speaking French. He doesn't say much in any language yet but was able to clearly communicate his annoyance that EVEN Auntie Mary was suddenly speaking gibberish. He kept very, very close to me the whole time.


But there were trains. And dinosaurs. Did I mention there were trains? He was too excited to eat much snack (we saved that for the car trip home).


By the second week he was a little more comfortable and confidently answered "ME!" when asked his name during circle time. Now he's obviously completely comfortable and sings along with all the songs at circle time. Matthew does too. Neither of them make noises that resemble the actual tune. 


It's interesting doing this for a second time - even Matthew interacts with the other kids more than Elizabeth ever did (but boy has she ever come out of her shell this year!) Matthew really likes play dough. Actually he's interested in anything the "big kids" are doing.


Xander has a friend Jakob who likes to play trains with him. Xander is very focussed on the trains. He will sit down enthusiastically to do a craft, or eat snack, but suddenly remember that the trains might need playing with and want to go check on them. So funny! Then he cleans them up - he's a GREAT cleaner-upper - and dives back into the next thing that has caught his attention.

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