October 31, 2013

"It's amazing that one could live more than 60 years and know so little about bees." Thus proclaimed my dad's facebook at the beginning of a gripping account of our family's recent education with how not to remove African bees from a leaky roof. Why yes - you read that correctly. My parents recently were attacked by so-called killer bees...


Cue tales of swarming bees repeatedly stinging Grandpa's exposed head at the top of a ladder; a rapid descent and subsequent flight fully dressed into shower to drown the persistent enemy; quality time with a pen knife to remove 30 odd stingers from the scalp (mom got stung too); and angry bees flinging themselves against the window panes for days after the initial attack.


So Elizabeth decided she wanted to be a bee for Halloween. To scare Grandpa...


Auntie Janice helped carve Mr pumpkin (from our own garden!). The kids did not enjoy scooping out the seeds. Matthew stayed far away after making his displeasure known.


After beef stroganoff stuffed pumpkin for supper, Elizabeth went to a couple of houses next door (all people we knew) and was especially thrilled to receive some stamps! Afterwards she helped hand out granola bars before bedtime.

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