July 4, 2009
Strawberry Picking!

Yukiko's aunt is visiting Ottawa from Japan this week, so we took her to Patterson's Berry farm for some strawberry picking!  It was perfect picking weather - about 15 degrees celsius, enough of a wind that there were no bugs, no sun to burn delicate baby features and no rain!  Elizabeth was quite interested in all the activity, although we should have brought the Bumbo as she will sit quietly in it much longer than the car seat.  Case in point, later that afternoon mom and I spent at least an hour weeding the front yard while Elizabeth supervised from the Bumbo.


The berries were huge and plentiful, so we had a great time and it didn't take too long to fill a basket.  Erika decided quite early on that she was done picking but kept herself occupied eating berries and taking pictures.  (Any photos today that include me were taken by Erika.)  She's actually developed into quite a good photographer - keeping in mind she's only three years old.  She had a better shot of the berries, but I decided to keep the one with the tell-tale rain boots :)

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