December 19, 2013
Jesse Tree lunches

I freely admit that I am having too much fun with making cute lunches for Elizabeth (this is why I found it mind-boggling that Elizabeth's teachers thought I forgot to send her a lunch one day!)


My lunches tend to be pretty similar in concept - pasta one day, o nigiri the next, some kind of non cookie cutter sandwich (could be a wrap, could be a bun with eyes and a tongue) and then cookie cutter sandwiches the rest of the week. Snack is supposed to be a fruit, so I cut pictures into an apple or draw on a banana. I have a lot of cookie cutters which I use on fruits / vegetables / cheese as well as sandwiches! So my lunches look more impressive than they actually are.


The real trick is coming up with new ideas. That's why I am making Elizabeth Jesse Tree lunches during Advent.  See if you can guess which story goes with which lunch :)

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