December 13, 2013
Music for Young Children

Piano has become a major part of our daily life, so I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Elizabeth is taking Music for Young Children Sunshine piano this year. We really liked the pre-keyboarding class she took last year, so we aren't surprised that Mrs Hannah and Mrs Shana are still awesome. The actual curriculum is even better than expected though.


Going to music during the winter term last year was a bit like pulling teeth because Elizabeth wouldn't make eye contact with the teachers. Luckily, she stopped pretending to be extremely shy and now participates normally in class again.


The class introduced her to keyboard friends Dino (who dances down from the two black keys aka as a dinosaur den) through to the B bird that likes to bounce on the bed. She's got rhythm friends too - speedy beaver "Ti-ti" (eighth notes) and sleepy panda (whole notes) are particular favourites. The keyboard friends walk up and down the stairs (quite literally). There's still a lot of singing and playing various rhythm instruments. Elizabeth gets to colour, make puppets and do all kinds of things with stickers. They've even started having the kids do a little composition. It's a lot more fun than any music class I took as a kid, I have to say.


Elizabeth is supposed to practice five times a week, and if she does, her teachers give her a treat or a sticker. We usually practice every day though, because Elizabeth adores practicing. We hope this lasts!

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