December 17, 2013
10 Months

At 10 months Matthew is very talkative. He has also discovered how to screech. Mommy and Daddy hope he gets tired of that sound quickly!


He's got definite opinions about how life should be and quite the temper if he doesn't get his own way. Luckily he is generally pretty happy and giggly because the temper, it isn't pretty! Changing him can be challenging, but we have a new secret weapon - Matthew doesn't seem to like to roll over if he's on a hard, flat surface...


He eats everything, whether it is edible or not. Daddy jokes he is a beaver after Matthew gnawed a giant hole in the side of an empty wrapping paper tube. We only left him for a minute... He is definitely talking now. "Yum", "All done" and "more" are his most frequent vocalizations. When he's had enough of a particular food, he's taken to chucking it off the side of his tray. We held Elizabeth's hands when she did that, but Matthew bites so that strategy is less successful.


Matthew has a love hate obsession with the Roomba. He stalks it incessantly, crawling up to the edge, backing away, crawling closer and then launching himself desperately on top. Then he presses the button and acts all shocked and surprised when it starts. We'd worry about his ability to learn, except we've caught him doing all kinds of learning. The other day he tried to plug the USB cable into the wall, just like Mommy and Daddy. Daddy's been teaching him how to go down the stairs (rear first). Turns out this is a good thing. He woke up from his nap and cried for Mommy, who was considerably startled to find him at the top of the stairs instead of in bed where she had left him. We were quite freaked out since he'd climbed off the adult bed (safely, it turns out, but still!). We have since taken more extensive baby trapping measures....


He has mostly given up naps, at least when Mommy is around. He seems to nap quite happily for Daddy.


Ten months is apparently the start of "social games" and in addition to loving being dangled upside down Matthew looooves social games. He still plays well by himself but obviously prefers to have a playmate. Passing objects from one person to another and peekaboo are particular favourites. He also likes to take Mommy's finger to play the piano or hold her hands to make her clap. Peekaboo is particularly adorable because he doesn't quite understand that he's supposed to cover his eyes. So sometimes he just puts his hands up and down!

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