January 18, 2014
Family time

Auntie Mary is heading back North, and we were lucky enough to have her stay with us for a whole day. We even made it out onto the canal!


Elizabeth was so excited to have Mary sleep over, though there were tears that she didn't stay for "enough sleepovers like when flat Grandma and Grandpa came to visit". Elizabeth says that when I get old, I have to go and live with Auntie Mary "up North" (so that Auntie Mary can look after me?) and Elizabeth will come and visit us. We're not sure what Daddy will be doing. But in the meantime, she's hoping Auntie Mary will have sleepovers for "lots of days".


Elizabeth was quite upset because she wanted Mary to come for her birthday party next month. She knows Mary lives "up North" and has gone to visit her at "that hippo place" in Wellesley many times. Therefore, she is firmly convinced that Wellesley must be North. "It's not THAT far, Mommy" she said. But there IS a rather big difference between Nunavut and Southern Ontario, after all! So long story short we agreed that Elizabeth could invite Mary to a "pre-birthday" with cake and balloons.



On January 30, 2014 at 00:30 am
Grandpa H said:
It's such a long time since I had a beaver tail! Maybe when she is bigger Elizabeth can come and visit flat Grandpa & Grandpa in Africa for lots of days in between visiting Aunt Mary up North.

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