January 3, 2014
On the canal

It was -25C (windchill at least -30C). But Elizabeth wanted to go skating in the worst way.


There was some negotiating - after all, it was supposed to warm up the following day so maybe a delay would be prudent. But she was insistent that she really, really, really wanted to go.


So we bundled up very warmly and drove to Fifth avenue (Patterson Creek was closed). By the time we got to the warmed chalet, she said her feet were cold and we hadn't even gone on the ice yet. I asked whether she was really sure that she still wanted to go skating, because it was super cold. But she was sure, so on went the skates and helmets and off we went.


About five minutes later and a few hundred metres she decided that we maybe had done enough skating to say that we had been on the canal properly so we headed back towards the chalet. She was pretty cold by this point, but still insisting that she wasn't too cold to have a hot chocolate or something. But I thought she looked blue and didn't want to risk frostbite so decided this would have to wait until we got home. As soon as she didn't have the prospect of a beavertail or something to eat to be brave for, she totally fell apart. So cold. Her feet hurt. And "oh Mommy, I should have listened to you because it was really TOO cold to go skating today" Oh dear!

On January 30, 2014 at 00:45 am
Grandpa H said:
Confession is good for the soul :)

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