January 25, 2014
Princess Party

Elizabeth was invited to a Mother-Daughter Princess birthday party and we were asked to dress appropriately. Elizabeth has decided that princesses should have curly hair, so Auntie Janice made her curlers out of straws and she slept with them in overnight. The resulting ringlets were AMAZING!


Janice made me a feather braid. Apparently her close study of Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube is paying off!


At the party there were many little girls of all ages and their moms, all dressed beautifully (but I only took photos of Elizabeth and food - not knowing enough of the moms to feel comfortable getting permission to post photos!). Mary Anna and her mom obviously put a great deal of thought into what makes a spectacular princess party. Elizabeth wants to copy many of the ideas for her birthday (although I pointed out that she wants to invite a few boys and perhaps they might not want to dress up as princesses...)


Elizabeth kept sighing and saying "Oh Mommy this is SOOOO lovely".

On January 31, 2014 at 03:11 pm
Grandpa H said:
Very cute! But you are right, if I have to dress as a princess, I won't come to Elizabeth's birthday party.

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