February 2, 2014
Pukefest 2014 the Second

I prefer celebrating Winterlude, but Pukefest won. I didn't blog about our first bout of stomach flu this year mid-January, but in summary: Elizabeth threw up a lot, Matthew threw up for the first time ever. He did not appreciate the experience.


There was lots of laundry as Elizabeth has started throwing up in her sleep and Matthew does not yet know how to use the bucket. But we got through it pretty quickly and us parents both managed to avoid - making three "incidents" in a row with no parents catching germs from the kids. Too good to last! 


Sadly not even two weeks later and it was much worse. Between the two of them the kids threw up 32 times in twelve hours, and I was too sick to get out of bed. Poor poor Daddy! Elizabeth's old record of 22 still stands but barely. Matthew: 19, Elizabeth: 13, loads of laundry required? Too many! Thankful Daddy was able to keep up! Matthew has hit the dubious development achievement of wanting to push away the bucket in the hopes that it will stop the vomiting.

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