February 9, 2014
Crystal Gardens

Since Angie and Auntie Janice had already seen the ice sculptures, and raved about all the coolest ones, Elizabeth and I decided that skating home after church would be the perfect way to stop in and see them this year! It was too cold for Matthew, though, so Daddy took him home while Angie started to pack up.

Elizabeth found the crocodile ice sculpture scary, but loved doing the interactive ice sculpture activity. Apparently they used chalk to colour the ice blocks, which was pretty cool, and we'll have to try it ourselves at some point! It was hard to get close to a lot of the sculptures because of the long line-ups, but I did have a chance to see Auntie Janice's favourite from afar: a Lancaster (airplane) that had crashed into a coral reef.

Then skated all the way from Rideau to Fifth avenue (about half the canal), took the Sno-Bus home to Dow's Lake, and then walked home. Very impressive since Elizabeth didn't need any carrying or sleds and barely even held my hand! Definitely the longest she's skated so far.

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