March 27, 2014
Olympic skater

For Elizabeth's last day of skating, they told the kids to dress up like the Olympics. Elizabeth decided she could be a figure skater and wear a "ballet" costume.

When we arrived, it turned out she was the ONLY kid on the ice that actually dressed up, except for one other kid who happened to be in her class. He was wearing Canada Olympic gear though, so not as obviously dressed up. She took one look at all the other kids lacing up and declared: "That's it, we have to go home RIGHT NOW so I can change my costume." But I talked her into getting on the ice and she had a good time. It helped that teacher Zack is pretty great at what he does - such a fluid skater that kept the class moving constantly (they all wanted to chase him everywhere).


Elizabeth's finished her Kindergliders 4 levels now which means she can skate backwards, jump and skate on one leg. She really loves skating and is sad that she doesn't get to take any more classes until September. But she's come up with a solution - she's going to take ballet instead, because "they wear similar costumes"

On May 15, 2014 at 06:23 pm
Grandma H. said:
Now that is being flexible!

So impressed with her skating.

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