June 16, 2014
Nothing to say

Sometimes I look back through my pictures and I am reminded of ALL THE THINGS that happened on that day and it was so busy that I am exhausted just thinking about it. There's nothing to write about because just living it the first time took too much energy to even contemplate reliving it on paper.

Sometimes the pictures remind me of moments that I want to remember forever - like when Auntie Mary visits for an evening on her way from Hippo House to Up North.

Here is Elizabeth drinking her juice with a curly straw ("like a grown-up" even though I don't think many adults in her life drink juice or even use straws) and so determined to grow out her bangs (to match Adi). I remember trying to grow out my bangs and finally giving up in disgust and cutting them off at the hairline because it was so annoying. I hope Elizabeth doesn't think of doing that.

Here is Matthew in seventh heaven brushing his teeth in a FORBIDDEN PLACE secure in the knowledge that Elizabeth can't tell him off because it was Auntie Mary's idea...

Here are the ducks from our walk around the lake on a gorgeous day and I'm happy because it was such a lovely walk and I'm sad because Up North feels very far away today.

These pictures probably aren't worth a thousand words to anyone. But they might make me feel a thousand emotions.

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