April 11, 2014
Fourteen months

Now that Matthew can walk (and it's getting warmer!), he's suddenly much more interested in going outside. He brings his boots to the door and points "Out!" He wasn't allowed to go to the bus stop most days in the winter because his legs in particular seemed to really suffer from the cold (chilblains) so he's pretty happy (if perplexed) to see bare pavement and grass.

He's suddenly morphed from baby to toddler and it's not just that he's toddling around instead of crawling. For instance, he's suddenly insisting on sitting at the little table to colour instead of using the floor - Just like his big sister! Colouring is a very popular activity around here, though it does need to be supervised lest he feel compelled to decorate the floor in addition to paper. Or the door. Or Mommy's desk. Or the computer speakers...

He leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes, and while he does sometimes clean up, the messes he makes usually take longer to clean than his attention span. He does love to help though, especially if helping involves imitating the rest of the family...

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