April 29, 2014
New coat for Bessie

We subscribe to the theory that a car is an expense (not an asset!) and therefore we always lease our vehicles. Every three or four years that means a new car with a low risk of breaking down and new safety features. Sometimes I'm more than ready for a new vehicle. This time I had mixed feelings, because although I have spent the last four years being annoyed by the Golf's entertainment system - it turns out it was WAY better than anything currently on the market.

I was seriously tempted by the Ford Flex because its entertainment system was not as objectionable as any of the others but eventually Honda's minivan won us over with the ability to transport a 10' piece of lumber with the trunk closed. This might not be a crucial feature for most people, but I guess that tells you something about our lives at the moment!

The new car also has eight seats and a decent sized trunk. Apparently it can even handle up to five car seats. So clearly we need to take all of the cousins for a ride somewhere soon! The day we picked up the car Erika and Maria came to visit us for nearly two weeks and it was super handy not having to make multiple trips or borrow a second car.

Although getting a van was Brendan's idea - he was tired of not being able to sit in the passenger seat comfortably due to the positioning of the various car seats - there was a lot of angst about being practical instead of cool. He decided he liked the van on the way home from the dealership. Might have had something to do with his wife insisting we stop first at Home Depot to pick up a few supplies (10 bags of mulch, some plants, some lumber...) followed by Costco and Bulk Barn...

Elizabeth's favourite part is the automatic open/close of the door as it means she can now unclip and get out of the car all by herself (she can get in too!) She is so proud! My favourite part might be that you do not need to take your keys out of your pocket to open, start or lock the car.  I've asked Brendan to look into figuring out how to make that work for our house.

On June 13, 2014 at 03:56 pm
Daddy said:
I should add that part of the trauma was the realization that there is a very real possibility that I may never drive a stick-shift car again as they are slowly being phased out in favour of (now) more fuel efficient automatics and in particular CVTs. A sad day in the history of the automobile if you ask me. All the same the new car (van) is actually quite nice and not having to shift in stop and go traffic does make up for some of the loss of fun driving stick the rest of the time.
On June 14, 2014 at 04:36 pm
Grandpa H said:
For some cool stick-shift driving, Daddy needs to bring you all to Angola and experience our amazing Toyota Hilux. Seats 7. or 8. or 9. Not necessarily comfortably, and certainly not in car seats ;)

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