May 11, 2014
Fifteen months

At fifteen months, Matthew weighs just over 18 pounds. 

He's not nearly as articulate as Elizabeth at the same age, but is becoming more understandable every day: "Peeese", "Yum", "Ah done" (all done), "Hi", "Uh huh". He's picked up a new sign "where?" (both palms facing up and out) that he likes to use when joking around - he's developing quite the sense of humour. As in "where did Mom's keys go?" This would be when we discovered that a small child CAN use the key fob to open the rear doors and lower all the windows remotely from the third floor of our house. Of course we discovered this during a torrential downpour. Mommy thought it was quite funny but she wasn't the one who had to mop up the puddles in the new car...

His favourite sign may well be "Please" (patting at his shirt), although "Milk" (which he uses for nurse) is a close second. He's pretty good at thank you and bye-bye too.

He's a very determined little boy. At mealtimes he has started to object to the booster seat, preferring to sit at the big table like a big boy. Sometimes we humour him, but since part of the attraction is not being strapped in this is not always in the cards. The main problem is that he's quite capable of shrieking for over an hour if he is restrained against his will which is not anyone's favourite dinner music. We hope he is getting all of his two year old temper tantrums out of the way!

Matthew still loves colouring, playing with his big sister, messing up her stuff and reading books. He likes to pretend just about everything is a telephone.

Still not potty trained in the least, but flickers of hope as he occasionally walks over to the toilet and if helped up will do his business quite professionally. His favourite part is waving bye-bye to the water as it flushes. We are extremely nervous that he will attempt to wave bye bye to something inappropriate - he hasn't managed yet but the other day tried to flush Mommy's sock. If you visit unexpectedly you might notice the garbage cans on the counter and the toilet paper rolls up high.

Matthew is very busy.  Actually that is a massive understatement.  Perhaps we are just getting seriously old and can't keep up, but our little boy sure goes fast and has a tendency to find and want to play with the one object in a room that he is not supposed to touch. When not keeping his parents physically fit he practices being cute and adorable so as to ensure that his parents forget all about how exhausted they are and think loving thoughts towards him.

On June 19, 2014 at 05:02 pm
Grandma H. said:
Hilarious! And the pictures are priceless. He's quite the boy.

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