May 10, 2014
Recital, Home Depot, movie night

Weekends with Maria and Erika were busy days. First on the agenda: two different Japanese schools half days on Saturday mornings for Erika and Maria.

Then, Matthew and Elizabeth have swimming at noon. The first week we picked Maria up from her class and went straight to swimming class. Throw a couple of birthday parties for two of Elizabeth's closest friends - Madeleine's birthday party introduced Elizabeth to "the real Cinderella" who "invited her to a ball". This week was Elizabeth's best friend Adi's birthday party, so we decided to reduce the chaos and skip swimming - it conflicted anyway! Adi's party had a "real magician". Elizabeth is now totally convinced that Adi is magic and they are going to go to Cinderella's ball together sometime soon.

Erika did her Japanese homework on the first Saturday afternoon, but the second week everyone came to Elizabeth's piano recital. Elizabeth performed in her tutu, because she has ballet which started pretty soon after the recital ended. Of course we rushed to ballet only to find that the teacher had cancelled the class (grr!) We let the kids play at the park for a while instead and then we all went to Home Depot to buy flowers.

We'd told the girls Saturday (the last "sleepover" night) would be movie night. We ordered pizza and put on Mary Poppins. They were busy playing with the kids next door so we didn't start the movie until very late and everyone was either asleep or nearly so as the credits rolled. Noemie from next door came to watch too, though she didn't quite get to see the end. I was amused that all next morning and afternoon the kids were telling me about the bits of the book the movie had left out.

On July 1, 2014 at 05:26 pm
Joanne Bender said:
I love reading about Elizabeth's piano recitals and ballet classes. Sounds very familiar! These are such great things to do with your child.

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