May 22, 2014
Ant science

Elizabeth saw me looking at a picture of an M&M covered in ants the other day. She immediately wanted details. I explained it was Ali and Noah's science experiment. "Can I do that 'speriment Mom?" she immediately demanded. Then she amended the demand. "Can I eat some M&Ms if I give some to the ants?"

The neighbour kids were fascinated by the idea and came to check on our experiment every day before school. It was interesting - the candies placed on the ground attracted the tiny ants which are abundant in the Glebe. The candy we placed high up on our porch attracted only carpenter ants (also sadly abundant in the Glebe and currently parading one at a time through our house at an alarming rate - they don't like all the construction around here!)

I am quite certain that either the squirrels, chipmunks or dogs ate two of the "experiments". The third got ringed satisfactorily by the ants, who then pulled the whole thing into the ground. And then the colony disappeared. Just like in Ali and Noah's experiment! Porch candy was delicately nibbled on for days by what appeared to be a single carpenter ant. It ate the entire coating and then left the chocolate alone. After the chocolate languished uneaten for a few days - it suddenly disappeared (squirrel, I suspect).

Bonus side effect? Elizabeth is getting better at correctly using the word "hypothesis"...

Science Experiment 1: Do Ants like Chocolate?

Method: 4 M&Ms

Ants (note the z on her version - still a side effect from teachers accidentally spelling her name with an 's' last June)

Put M&Ms on ant hill

Check every day

Hypothesis: Ants will eat them

Conclusions: Ants don't like it. But squirrels (Sowoz) Do :)

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