May 26, 2014
History museum; splash park

I volunteered at Elizabeth's school today - this month's outing was a field trip to the Children's museum. They made kites! They stamped their passports! They ran around like crazy people! We opted to eat lunch outside so that the kids could try flying said kites. We tested every single knot (and I retied several), but no kites were lost irretrievably. Then the kids spent ages rolling down the hill and being shooed away from the riverbank. No one went swimming, but one kid somersaulted down the steps (thankfully not in my group)... After lunch we were treated to an IMAX movie Pandas: The Journey Home. Elizabeth wasn't too sure about the movie theatre at first (too dark!) but once I let her sit on my lap she relaxed and had fun watching the movie. It was quite interesting and educational - I was particularly amused by all the panda suit wearing scientists. Quite the sight to see two grown men in costume, carrying a sedated panda on a stretcher through the forest! The baby pandas are ADORABLE, but I could see some folk finding this movie a little awkward to watch with their kids if they hadn't explained where babies come from...

The volume in the bus on the way home was deafening. I am truly impressed by the concentration abilities of school bus drivers.

After school I decided to take Elizabeth and Matthew to the splash park around the corner in order to preserve the rain barrel water for my plants (they were making homemade puddles to jump in). It was Matthew's first time playing at a splash park. He greatly approves of the concept.

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