June 5, 2014
Mouth Ulcers

Another day, another illness, another bottle of children's tylenol. Elizabeth isn't eating this week (or talking much) due to a mouthful of several dozen mouth ulcers. We took her to the doctor who took a throat swab to rule out strep. He figured it was hand, foot and mouth, although it's unclear whether if that's actually what it was since she never developed a fever or the characteristic rash on her hands or feet.

I dabbed the ulcers with a bit of hydrogen peroxide - a treatment that has always helped me (and I'm horribly prone to them so I was VERY sympathetic). They seemed to be going away but Elizabeth was complaining big time and abruptly decided that even pasta was "too hard" to eat. A closer look at her mouth and I discovered a huge ulcer hiding along her gum. Poor, poor Elizabeth! Back to the doctor who prescribed Xylocaine. It really helped, as did the new Dora toothbrushes Daddy got for her...

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