July 17, 2014
Writing practice

Work time with both kids is interesting because Matthew desperately wants to do whatever Elizabeth is doing and she's not into collaborative drawings. They have spent many a happy hour doing collaborative stickers though; She takes them off the sheet and he carefully sticks them on his tummy before putting them on the paper.

So around here passing notes back and forth under the door passes as summer entertainment. It keeps Matthew out of Elizabeth's hair but still involved as "messenger". And Elizabeth gets to practice her reading and writing...

I should have taken a picture of the accompanying drawings too, I suppose, but the text is what really cracked me up:

"Yiyoo lav mi pihcr" (Did you love my picture?)

"It has a palzacr" (It has a play structure)

"I poot mrr pipool" (I put more people)

"Dyoo no at iiz ranin" (Do you know that it is raining?)

"Diyoor sele" (You are silly - apparently the di was a mistake and you should know not to read it!)

I especially loved the spelling of "put".

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