June 29, 2014

Elizabeth decided she wanted to try ballet classes in lieu of skating and while one might think that classes should be available at our local community centre, apparently this is only true if you sign up more than three weeks before they start. In fact, basic "ballet" classes for a five year old were surprisingly hard to sign up for. Finding a class with space was challenging - we ended up at St Laurent which is a fifteen drive not counting traffic issues. And that wasn't the end either, since our class was cancelled twice in the first two weeks as they were merging classes without sufficient enrolment. I think I was still not quite sure what time the class started as a result by the time the classes ended. And of course Elizabeth missed class #1 due to scarlet fever.

So what I'm saying is that we got off to a rough start. Elizabeth seemed to enjoy her classes very much, but complained that they "always did the same thing" every week. I was pretty sure this was the end of ballet, but at the end there was an adorable recital and Elizabeth is asking when she gets to do ballet again...

On August 5, 2014 at 00:02 am
Emily said:
Very familiar dance studio...spent many hours in there! Glad she enjoyed it :)

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