July 12, 2014
Zee has begun!

Well, okay - so Isabelle's birthday was technically last week but she was frolicking in a different part of the province at the time. Elizabeth didn't end up going to the great party because she was invited to not one, but two other birthday parties that day (and one of those was a joint party). Party #1 was with her good friends Shaughnessy and Harry from Je d'école. They Party #2 was at the splash wave pool with her classmate Emilia and a couple of other kids from her class. Elizabeth had never been in waves before. The first time the buzzer sounded she literally sprinted out of the pool. But gradually her friend Madeleine coaxed her to try it out again and I had to drag her out at the end for cake!

Meanwhile Zee was rocking out at her house, being perplexed by cupcakes and opening much loot - Matthew was happy to help her play with it all... I gather she didn't blow at the candle, but we saved a cupcake for Elizabeth and had supper later in the evening. Zee blew THAT candle, though she was a bit surprised when the flame went out.

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