July 19, 2014
Camping 2014

Camping this year was at Rideau River Provincial Park. We were here two years ago, but not in the group sites. Everyone wanted to check that there were no wasps... The group sites here are very nice. Private, not too far from the washrooms, bear proof garbage that is emptied every day, separate group beach that is groomed daily... The swimming area was pretty nice - a little weedy although nothing compared to the river itself which was unswimmable due to weeds (!) The only complaint was that it wasn't really deep enough for adult swimming but it was lovely for splashing around... We brought our canoe, and Dianne, Grandma J and Heather paddled Heather's canoe from her house to the campground (how cool is that?!)

Uncle Chris, Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen and kids and Grandma and Grandpa J came for the afternoon and stayed to celebrate Auntie Yukiko's birthday even though they couldn't stay the night.

We saw some pretty cool caterpillars - a super fuzzy brown one and another SUPER fat one which was probably the largest caterpillar I have ever seen (barely resisted the begging to take them home...) After the kids were all in bed, the adults went to the beach and chased frogs and minnows in the dark. Then we ran around like crazy people with the glow sticks and practised our synchronized sparkler writing. It should be a new Olympic sport. David S would probably win...

The new face is Dan - Janice's boyfriend. He spent the weekend being tormented and half-drowned by our many small children. He's a good sport.

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