August 5, 2014
Cottage Days:Cousins

Erika, Maria and their parents stayed with Grandma and Grandpa J and us for the first few days. The girls all slept together in one small room. They loved it. The cottage has a large living room, and although another bathroom and a kitchen upgrade would be very welcome (hint hint) we really didn't need more space this year - it's not like we spent all that much time inside...

They had to go check out the chickens. At first there was a lot of getting chased away by the chickens but after a few days Erika figured out how to catch one for petting. There were water fights. There was seed spitting. There were s'mores...

I perfected my small children in the canoe skills. Erika went to canoe camp this year for the first time so she's actually helpful as a paddler now! She spent a lot of time in the canoe - we might be at the point where we need two to accommodate all the eager paddlers! Elizabeth and Matthew started out the week by crying everytime they got into the canoe. Elizabeth actually screamed more than Matthew - he was good until he wanted to climb out and couldn't. I comprised by allowing him to stand and help me paddle (I had a firm grip with my knees...)

Erika and Elizabeth decided they wanted to go down the water slide this year, so I swam them over. They got to the top of the slide and started having second thoughts. Mean aunt pushed them down (slowly - I practically lowered them into the water). Erika went in fine, but Elizabeth got completely submerged and I guess she was expecting the life jacket to keep her head above the water. So she had mild hysterics. And I made her go down again a second time because I didn't want the submerging to be the last memory. (The second time I held on to the loop at the back of the jacket) Looking at the photos, I think the difference was that Erika spread her arms on impact, and Elizabeth was hugging herself like a petrified monkey. Ah well. Erika and I went down the "bigger" iceberg slide on the last day. Elizabeth decided to put it off until next year.

On August 23, 2014 at 04:33 am
Grandma H. said:
Grandma sympathizes with Elizabeth, but she has learned not to panic if her head goes under water. Good thing,eh?!

Looks like wonderful time was had by all!

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