July 30, 2014
My garden

I'm pretty happy with my garden so far. I thought I planted fewer beans this year but either it's been a good bean year or I overdid it as usual. We have loads of mint. Loads of basil. Loads of currants. Peppers coming (but either we have mutant squirrels or these peppers are not hot ones because something keeps eating them!)

The watermelon has finally started to grow flowers. The pumpkin is looking even more blight-y than last year - hopefully the pumpkins still grow... The potatoes are happy, tall and producing apparently highly toxic potato berries (don't eat them, kids!). Onions are growing well, tomatoes look like they will ripen while we are at the cottage. The lima beans are starting to plump out a bit.

But by far the most exciting garden news is that my corn has tassels, which means that we might actually get corn. Assuming that it doesn't ripen while we are away AND that the raccoons don't level it...

If that wasn't exciting enough, a random sunflower just popped open at the edge of my corn. (You might recall that the ones I planted all got knocked over - the last one on my birthday no less)

The garden is my happy place :)

On August 23, 2014 at 03:56 am
Grandma H. said:
what a wonderful garden! Fresh beans! Fresh corn! I'm drooling over the sauteed day lilies.

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