September 5, 2014
Happy Hearts: Clothes

Elizabeth is participating in a fashion show for kids organized by our next door neighbour Noemie. Called "Happy Hearts", eight year old Noemie hopes to raise ten thousand dollars for our local Children's hospital (CHEO).

Noemie had previously made a small fashion show in her friend's backyard at a sleepover and raised $22. Her mom, a pediatrician at CHEO got Noemie hooked up to present the money to one of the bigwigs on the fundraising committee. To his credit, he took her very seriously and gave her a big hug and a personal tour of the research labs etc to show her where her money was going. "I'd like to do more", she thought.

She talked her mom into giving her rides to various stores and helping her organize the event.

37 kids, 12 kid's clothing stores and over 80 donated silent auction items later...

Elizabeth had no clue what a fashion show was before this, but she LOVES Noemie and was prepared to do anything she wanted her to do. When we were invited to the stores for a fitting, I was amused that they all communicated with Elizabeth directly. "Dear Elizabeth" ran one email. "I understand you have a busy schedule with school during the day and after school activities, so I'm hoping that one of the following times will work for you." When we arrived, they were careful to check Elizabeth's opinion on the clothes she was modelling (it was clear they were focussed on dealing with the kids, not the parents - which I found pretty cool)

Here's a sneak peek of some of Elizabeth's favourite outfits...

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