August 9, 2014
Cottage Days: Support boat

The day after clams, we watched Brian carefully measure the results with his professional and very Canadian clam measuring stick. Then we acted as support boat for the great lake swim. Every year I think about doing the swim myself. I'm still working up to it. Actually, this year the water was warm and I'm finally used to getting up that early, but Elizabeth isn't quite up to doing the swim and the idea of watching Mommy go without her wasn't popular. Her cottage friend Rachel has done it two years now so Elizabeth is quite certain that she's going to do it next year though (But first we need to locate an Elizabeth sized wet suit!) So instead we hopped in a canoe and "helped". Matthew is quite the keen paddler, but he only gets to hold his own paddle until he drops it the first time (We're good at retrieving paddles now)

We borrowed a pack n play - not to use for sleeping - but as a containment device to keep Matthew out of our hair when cooking and/or if he needed to contemplate the wisdom of biting / hitting / kicking one's beloved sister. We were surprised when it morphed from time out location to best toy ever. Unfortunately it also became a source of fighting - Elizabeth claimed SHE didn't get enough turns in it by herself... Matthew became quite adept at climbing in by himself; but hasn't figured out how to get out yet thank goodness.

Then there were pony rides. There was beach time. And there were deer. Elizabeth had declared we couldn't leave the cottage until deer were sighted, so we were pleased when they finally showed up just before bedtime one evening...

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