October 18, 2014

Grandpa B April 16th 1920 - October 12th 2014

Favourite memories:

-Helping shovel dirt onto the conveyer belt he built himself to empty out the crawl space in the basement

-Getting a ride behind the tractor to go get milk

-The awesome way he laughed

-All the cool wooden things he made (puzzles, clocks, rolling pins, bowls, birds...)

-Grandpa playing volleyball and floating down the river in an inner tube even though he was eighty

-Clocks! Grandpa loved clocks - he must have had hundreds of them in various states of repair

-Driving the lawn mower (and later the golf cart!)

-That time we went to Niagara Falls and Grandpa bought Elizabeth TWO play cameras because he couldn't decide which colour she'd like the best.

-Grandpa giving Elizabeth a wheelchair ride on his lap

-Grandpa stealing toddler Elizabeth's stroller and taking off in his wheelchair so that she would chase him

I always think of Grandpa whenever I smell gasoline, even though he hadn't worked as a mechanic in many years.

We went down for the funeral and it was really great to see all the family.

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