January 6, 2015
We three Kings

We celebrated Epiphany with a gluten free, almond free galette des rois which I began making far too late as usual. I really, really need to try to remember to make the puff pastry the day before! There was great consternation when the token could not be located in the expected spot, but luckily I had given it to Janice for safe-keeping.

I did not have any kind of frankincense, but we duly passed around the myrrh (declared to have a "yuck" smell, lol) and I had managed to save an acceptable quantity of chocolate gold coins which around here are considered better than the real thing.

I did not attempt to keep track of the token's location and so predictably no one found it the first night. Elizabeth felt she ought to be the queen because she's "always" the queen, but it was in my piece the next night. There were a great many tears and gnashing of teeth as a result - we might need to work on being a good sport... 

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