January 22, 2015
First time skating on the canal

If I had to sum up the last few months with a single word, November would be "Exhausted", December would be "Sick" and January would be "Skating".

I'm not planning to post about every single time we go on the canal, but today's expedition was notable because Matthew got to put his skates on too! I was intending to skate a little around Patterson Creek and then stuff him into the stroller so as not to cramp Elizabeth's style but she took off and he insisted on skating after her. By the time Daddy chased her down (setting some ground rules about staying closer to us) Matthew and I'd made it nearly as far as Pretoria Bridge.

Matthew's standing more on his own and is able to shuffle forward without too much support now. He's not exactly stable enough to just go though so as soon as the stroller reappeared I (my back!) was quite ready for him to stop skating. He was very unimpressed by this and cried and cried until after I promised to let him skate again a bit later and distracted him with people walking over our heads (on the bridge). Then he just kept hollering "More skate, more skate". We did let him skate a little bit more, but it was sadly not quite enough to prevent an epic temper tantrum upon leaving the ice.

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