December 2, 2014
Christmas tree

There were several false starts to Christmas tree decorating but we did get there in the end, to the delight of both kids.

We thought we'd try Phillips LED lights because we are very sick of the annual ritual of removing bulbs one by one in order to figure out which one has burnt out.

We bought four strings for $22 a string from three different Targets because they didn't have enough stock for a single tree at any one store. We came home, plugged in the lights and half of them didn't light up. Bummer, but part of the appeal of these particular LEDs? They allegedly come with replacement bulbs. Nice, right? Except it turns out they only provide orange and green bulbs in our multi-colour string and the instructions are quite clear that if you don't match colours, it won't work. So we tried jiggling the bulbs that didn't work. We tried replacing bulbs in the not working string with bulbs from a working string, being careful to match colours. Nothing worked.

So we admit these are clearly not ready for prime time and head back to Target to exchange for normal Christmas lights (sigh). Of course they have no such thing. Nor does Canadian Tire. Walmart did, which was good because I think after six different stores we were almost ready to declare that the tree didn't need any lights at all.

Matthew has been pretty good about not touching the Christmas tree, except for incessantly flicking the lights on and off and on and off and on and off again. Well, that and he unwrapped a fair number of candy canes, licked them and then stuck them to the couch. "Blah blah" (aka yuck), he says. Every time!

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