November 4, 2014
Number 3

So, a little while ago Elizabeth was all - "Mommy, I've been praying for a little sister and a little brother and I thought you should know so you could start going to the doctor"

Now, we'd just noticed I was pregnant but my first thought was OH NO PLEASE NOT TWINS. Luckily it turned out that Elizabeth thinks it's best to have one baby at a time too. She's just already planning ahead for number four. We have had discussions about the birds and the bees and how Mom and Dad have to be on board with the whole family planning thing for what it's worth but she's quite confident that babies appear when requested since Matthew turned up so obligingly. As my friend Jess said, for a couple who "can't" have children, we're sure ending up with a lot! Though to be fair it wasn't easy getting here.

Turns out she also requested a new cousin. I quite confidently told her that there weren't likely to be any new cousins any time soon since the likely candidates had all decided they were done. So we were a bit surprised to hear that Dave and Karen were getting a new van. And due in June. Elizabeth is triumphant.

I am due June 2nd by dates, but the dating ultrasound says June 9th so we're going with that.

I checked with the midwives to see if they'd take me but June's apparently going to be a busy month so I'm stuck with an OB. I wasn't too pleased about this but my family doctor told me about a third option called "shared care" where I could see her up until near the end which seems like it might be a good compromise. I was very happy when I was able to get the same OB that delivered the other two - we'll have to see what she thinks about my goal of minimizing hospital stays and possibly trying for a VBAC if the extremely unlikely happens and baby is head down instead of transverse.

You'll notice Elizabeth asked for a girl first, so she says it's a girl. Comparing pregnancies, I'm inclined to agree with her as this one is much more similar to my first pregnancy than my second (thank goodness!). The exhaustion is a bit much but at least there is no throwing up at the side of the road.

On January 27, 2015 at 10:38 am
Grandpa H said:
And a little child shall lead them... God is good!
On January 29, 2015 at 09:49 am
Kathryn said:
Fantastic. I love Elizabeth's beautiful example of faith.

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