November 28, 2014

We enjoyed Sportball with Elizabeth very much, so as soon as Matthew was old enough I signed him up.

I was thrilled to discover that it's still the same instructor four years later! She took one look at Matthew and declared him to be Elizabeth's brother (and honestly - if you follow the link they are so alike!)

Brendan was a little concerned that Matthew would not follow directions as he tends to be a little more single minded about doing the things he wants to do. Turns out that he actually follows the instructions MUCH better than Elizabeth did at the same age - partly he's not nearly as shy, but he is also just really into classes. Who knew? He isn't as verbal so can't sing the various songs, but then Elizabeth never sang those in class - just at home!

His favourite activity is catching mice (tennis balls) with a funnel, though anything that involves sanctioned hitting or throwing stuff is popular too. He loves the hula hoops too.

Elizabeth happened to have a PD Day one sportball day and coach Jenna invited all the siblings to join the class. Turned out they were all alumni that she had taught in the last five or so years - and she still remembered all of their names. Elizabeth remembered Jenna too and was thrilled to be able to tag along and show Matthew how to do everything.

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