December 9, 2014
Weather board

I've been meaning to post about our "weather board" for quite some time (I guess that's obvious from the dates in the pictures!) but it took me a while to gather up a year or so's worth of photos and then somehow I never got around to it.

But I'm determined to clear out my "pending" blog posts so here it is...

We spent quite a lot of time looking at other people's ideas for a weather and calendar board on Pinterest before we settled on the current iteration. 

What's it for, you ask?

-Teaching days of the week (English and French)

-Today's weather (we'd really like to get into trends and graphing but haven't done anything with that yet)

-Progression of time over the week and year

-Planning / anticipating activities (We print our own stickers! At first we used a random calendar, but now we use our family calendar which has the bonus of reminding the kids about who various relatives are and showing birthdays.)

-Changing of liturgical and calendar seasons.

-Place to remind Elizabeth and ourselves our current bible verse and any other stuff we're learning

-Number recognition, fractions (dividing up the month into weeks and tracking whether we are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or all the way through for example) and counting by units/tens

Depending on the season, it's played a bigger or smaller role in our morning routine but overall we've been pretty happy with it. The only problem now is that we could really use a second calendar for Matthew's stuff, so we want to figure out how to combine that without duplicating the entire thing...

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