January 16, 2015
2nd haircut

A couple of months ago Daddy bought a hair trimming kit that he figured I ought to be able to get the hang of and I've been practicing on his head (eep!) So far the results have not required a visit to a professional to get it dealt with, although it does cut the bangs a little shorter than his "normal" cut and there have been some very stressful moments to do with cutting around the ears.

Matthew's hair was getting rather shaggy so the boys convinced me to have a shot at his hair as well. "Try to leave the bangs", suggested helpful husband. (Let's just say that the kit isn't designed for the kind of cut he had in mind).  "Hmm", he suggested next "That looks like he has a rat on his head now. Can you try a little trim?" Of course Matthew wiggled at a crucial moment while I was attempting to tame the rat.

Matthew LOVES the result and tells everyone who will listen that he had a haircut just like Daddy (and Mommy cut his hair). I am less happy with it but I guess hair grows back and practice makes perfect!

Removing two inches of hair makes Matthew look much, much older.

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