January 11, 2015
School lunches

For those of you that enjoy cute food preparation as much as I do... I am still having fun with the lunches, though I do feel like I'm not being quite as creative this year due to lack of time.

This year, the lunch pattern (as defined by Miss Elizabeth) is Sandwich Monday, Pasta Tuesday (and it's pretty much always fresh pasta with alfredo sauce by popular despite suggestions to broaden horizons), Nori Wednesday, Unclear Thursday (she keeps changing her mind. I think technically right now it's Soup or Snack lunch) and Pizza Friday. We're working on getting her to decide what she's eating for lunch other than the pattern items and then I try to surprise her from time to time as well.

Morning snack is apparently supposed to be a fruit, so I usually send a banana, half an apple, applesauce, grapes or half a grapefruit.

Other popular items: cheese and crackers, salad and other veggies, devilled eggs, dried fruit.

What do your kids eat for lunch?

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