January 13, 2015
23 Months
At 23 months Matthew is a very friendly and talkative little boy. He tends to greet everyone as he sees them. "Hi!", he says cheerfully. There's a lot of narrative going on as well. Look at the dog. I see a digger. Where is Elizabeth? (A frequent question on school days) We're clearly approaching two as the frequency of temper tantrums have picked up. For example, he'll ask to have Mommy cut his banana. But then once it is cut it is ruined FOREVER!!! Elizabeth has taken to rolling her eyes and telling him to stop being silly because the banana (or whatever it is) is just fine. She was perturbed to hear she did exactly the same thing. The funny part is that he can "ruin" his own food - I guess if the result doesn't match his vision he gets really really frustrated. He has started eating breakfast with the rest of the family, and it doesn't have to be rice, eggs or corn either. He usually wants the same cereal as Elizabeth. She gets a little frustrated with how much he copies her sometimes but recently they have started playing together very nicely for quite an extended period of time. His play has also gotten a lot more complex. He'll build things with blocks instead of throwing them on the floor. He loves to be read to demanding "book, book!" His favourites are currently Diggers Go "beep beep boom!" by Steve Light, an animal atlas and anything Richard Scarry, but he's not terribly picky except at bedtime when only Diggers will do.

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