January 28, 2015

I have a collection of random photos that I can't quite make up my mind to delete but that don't really deserve their own post.

-From last summer during a mega rain storm... photographic proof that we still need to improve our drainage (although the floods receded within a couple of hours and thankfully not into our house)

-The kids adore doing science experiments

-Home Depot is the best place ever

-Matthew was terrified of frogs. People found this hilarious, because I ... um... collect frogs and used to keep quite a number of live ones too. So I have a very large collection of frog themed stuff. Matthew in particular did not appreciate the numerous semi-realistic plastic frogs with which I thoughtfully provided my children and would insist that we put them away if he noticed them while playing. If they got too close to him, he often would take a hammer to them (to try and squish them?). There is one stuffie we have in particular that he found particularly scary because it has a zipper mouth in which you can put finger puppet bugs. Luckily he seems to be getting over his trauma, although he still regards them with great suspicion.

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