February 8, 2015

I signed the kids up for a valentine's exchange on the theory it would be good writing practice and they'd get real mail (better do it now while we still have door-to-door delivery!)

I thought that there were only nine kids and figured it would be easy enough to make nine valentines, completely forgetting that we'd actually have to make 18. Multiplication not my strong suit, apparently...

Then it turned out we actually had to make 18 valentines EACH! I'm still not quite sure how that happened. I ended up helping Elizabeth with some of the cutting but otherwise they gamely completed the task with very little assistance from me aside from the extensive cheerleading that was required. Matthew was more enthusiastic than Elizabeth - all I had to say was "Colour two more cards and you can play with the scissors again" and a great flurry of "rawing" (drawing) would ensue. Elizabeth mainly just wanted to make sure she was done ahead of Matthew ;)

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