August 12, 2009
At the Cottage

Brendan and I always spend at least one of our days window shopping in Huntsville.  Elizabeth loved the place with the fancy soaps, wind chimes and handblown glass balls.  The women at the cash thought it was hilarious the way she was rotating her head around trying to see everything at once.  The best part was apparently the ceiling fan.  Sorry kid - that one wasn't for sale!  Next door mom got to visit the wonderful quilt shop with the most beautiful fabrics.  Brendan didn't let me indulge this year.  Something about not having used the fabric I bought last year yet...


Elizabeth helped flame her first marshmallow and assisted me with the annual "watermelon" spitting contest (we used popcorn kernels this year again).  Strangely, babywearing is not particularly helpful in achieving a spectacular spitting distance.  We didn't let Elizabeth try.  Maybe next year!


The extremely free-range chickens were an unexpected highlight of our Bondi visit this year.  We went to visit them and they came to visit us.  Elizabeth was just fascinated.  "Chicken racing", chicken petting and chicken dust bath watching were all popular.  She didn't even manage to pull out any feathers!  The horses and pony were also interesting, but Elizabeth seemed to find them more intimidating.





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