February 14, 2015
Love bugs

All those Valentine's cards paid off in the form of many smiles today when we opened all the cards we received in return. Matthew insisted on carrying his up and down the stairs with him until he hit on the idea of displaying them on the art wall by the basement. Now he takes people to admire his cards ("MINE"). Elizabeth opted to keep hers upstairs away from Matthew. We thought the "love bug" cards were hilarious, though Matthew was rather frightened of his at first. Eventually he started carrying "bug bug" around with him, but he was very, very, very careful to hold it by the edge of the paper. "Owww" he said - I guess he thought it might sting like a bee?

We had chocolate heart-shaped pancakes with heart shaped bananas for breakfast. After all, if you can't have fun with Valentine's day when can you have fun? Matthew wanted to eat his chocolate flower first but eventually he discovered the chocolate in the pancakes and was persuaded to eat them instead.

In the evening Erika came for movie night (How to train your dragon) and a sleepover. We had heart-shaped sausage and buche de noel Valentine's cake at supper.

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